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At our dermal fillers and anti-ageing clinics, our expert practitioners use high-quality injectables to rebalance and redefine the face.

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A youthful complexion is supported by a combination of elastin fibres, hyaluronic acid and collagen, which provide scaffolding to the structure of the skin. These compounds are in short supply, however, and the components of the face – along with its overall contour – begin to shift over time. This process can be hastened by environmental factors, including sun damage, poor lifestyle choices, and long-term exposure to pollutants.

Intrinsic or internal factors can also affect our appearance and include bone depletion, fat descent, hormonal changes, or simply a genetic predisposition towards certain ageing markers. If several of these factors come into play, premature ageing takes place, which manifests itself in the form of tear troughs, nasolabial folds, flattened cheeks, and thinner lips. At our London and Essex-based dermal fillers and anti-ageing clinics, we appreciate how the loss of youthful appearance can have a negative impact on self-confidence.

When it comes to restoring what is lost, injectable dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections are the best way forward. These enable lined skin, collagen loss, and fat descent to be masked and corrected in conjunction with expert injection techniques, such as those used at Age Reversal Clinic. Furthermore, lost facial volume can be replenished or applied to specific areas where it does not naturally exist, correcting both age-related and natural deficiencies and improving the underlying structure of the face.


At Age Reversal Clinic, we use a combination of anti-wrinkle injections, which treat lines and furrows resulting from muscle hyperactivity, and injectable fillers for facial lines and hollows, which smooth out depressions and plump up facial contours. It’s also common practice to use injectables in areas other than the face; neckbands, volume loss in the hands and even excessive sweating can all be remedied through the artful and precise application of cosmetic injectables.

Following a full in-person evaluation at our dermal fillers and anti-ageing clinic, we assign facial injectables to specific anti-ageing landmarks in the face, which is subdivided into sections. Anti-wrinkle injection ‘hot spots’ include bunny lines, turkey necks, crows’ feet, or – in cases where volume restoration is required – nasolabial folds, lips, malar areas, submalar hollows and tear troughs. Using the cannula method of infiltration, we can also correct facial structure by augmenting the cheekbones, providing projection to weak chins and jawlines, and defining mandibular angles.

Injectable fillers are available in different viscosities. Generally, thicker hyaluronic acid fillers such as Teosyal Deep are used to provide soft-tissue volume across broader areas such as the cheeks. Consequently, they are injected deep underneath the skin and last for up to 18 months. Radiesse – a calcium hydroxyapatite based filler – can even be used to augment boney areas, lasting for up to 2 years per application.

Dermal fillers of a lesser consistency, particularly from the Croma range, can be applied superficially and in areas of high mobility, such as the lips. Here, they can be used to define the vermillion border, as well as for a plumper pout. Restylane Refine is a light hyaluronic acid filler that is applied to the undereye area and corrects dark circles and depressions in the tear trough region. Improving the light reflecting properties of this area has a dramatic anti-ageing effect.



A significant reduction in fine lines, wrinkles and depressions can be achieved with injectable treatments


Higher confidence levels and a more positive self-image


Treatments are quick, almost pain-free, and makeup can be applied afterwards


Approved products with a high safety profile, performed by trained experts


Botulinum toxin can assist in reducing the impact of troubling conditions such as hyperhidrosis


Achieve dramatic results without invasive surgical procedures, which carry greater risks



The long term and regular use of high-quality injectables can lessen the need for repeat treatments, generating more permanent results. Together, they can significantly enhance the skin’s quality and tone. Explore our comprehensive Injectables menu at our London and Essex-based dermal fillers and anti-ageing clinics.


At Age Reversal Clinic, we use reputable, brand name anti-wrinkle injections, including fast-acting Dysport, as well as Azzalure. These are the best non-surgical options for treating wrinkles and fine lines. During the procedure, a small amount of Botulinum toxin is injected into areas of concern with a fine needle. Treatable areas typically include the forehead, glabella, and around the eyes, as well as the perioral muscles. Injections can also be extended to the chin to correct dimpling. Afterwards, the treated facial muscles will cease their activity for 3-6 months, which ultimately leads to a marked reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and deeper furrows.

Botulinum toxin is also an ideal treatment choice for those who suffer from certain conditions. One of these, known as hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), can effectively be treated at 6-9 monthly intervals. Palmar, plantar and axillary hyperhidrosis can be eliminated, improving individual quality of life and increasing confidence. Additionally, hemifacial spasms can be remedied using anti-wrinkle injections.


Plump up cheeks, redefine lips, and fill out hollows and lines in the face, neck, and hands. At Age Reversal Clinic, our expert injectors use a range of high-quality hyaluronic acid dermal filling agents, including those from the Restylane, Juvederm, Croma and Teosyal ranges. These are safe, dissolvable fillers that replicate the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid content and re-hydrate the dermal layer. Primarily used to modify the facial contour, we also offer Radiesse, which is non-hyaluronic acid based and a long-lasting structural filler.

We use dermal fillers interchangeably to augment areas of the face that require volume and definition. Particularly prone to the effects of ageing are the undereye area and lips, which are particularly popular areas for augmentation. Depending on the specific type of injectable, the patient benefits from results that last from 6 months to 2 years.


Profhilo is a non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid injectable. Currently, it is the only dermal filler on the market that tightens rather than fills. Injected in a point-by-point fashion, it is applied with a fine needle across the face, neck, chest or hands in order to boost the skin’s collagen and elastin content, whilst rehydrating its upper outer layer. This painless, fast treatment diminishes crepey skin, fine lines, improves skin quality and increases its luminescence.

In order to fully benefit from Profhilo, at least two treatments spaced one month apart are recommended. Typically, the benefits can be seen almost immediately after injection, although 4 to 8 weeks may be needed for results to ‘peak’. Our London and Essex-based dermal fillers and anti-ageing practices are two of the few clinics offering this treatment.

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Injectable treatments have numerous benefits. Outcomes depend on the particular treatment used, as well as the number of procedures undertaken. For a selection of results from our dermal fillers and anti-ageing clinics, see our results gallery* below.

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*Photos depict actual results achieved at Age Reversal Clinic. All rights reserved.


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