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At our slimming clinics in Grove Park and Essex, our non-surgical body contouring and fat reduction treatments can help individuals attain their ideal body.

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At Age Reversal Clinic, we understand the importance of a positive body image and specialise in the provision of a diverse range of therapies for men and women at our slimming clinics in Grove Park and Brentwood.

Typically, conservative recommendations involve dietary modifications and an increase in physical activity. However, a restricted diet can lead to nutritional deficiencies and, without the support or guidance of specialists, a radical change in lifestyle can be difficult to sustain. Moreover, those with specific concerns may not benefit from these approaches, especially in cases where adipose tissue is confined to certain areas.

For those who have tried and failed to control their weight through lifestyle interventions, therapies at Age Reversal Clinic may be of significant help. Newer techniques, such as those offered by our body shaping programmes, can dramatically improve both health and body contour. Ideal candidates include those who are interested in achieving an overall body reshaping result without resorting to surgery. Furthermore, we cater to those with circumscribed regions of fat, as we offer a range of aesthetic fat reduction treatments designed to target and reduce fatty protuberances.


In the past, many medical practitioners utilised conventional methods for cosmetic weight loss. At Age Reversal's dedicated slimming clinic, our approach is different as we offer a range of modern treatment alternatives in the form of our body shaping programmes.

Aside from fat loss, our slimming treatments can improve cellulite and promote skin retraction. We offer the injectable therapy Aqualyx and the advanced Velashape II machine, both of which are capable of spot reduction and improving the appearance of ‘orange peel’ skin without any social downtime.

Our Super Vitamin Infusions are another popular therapy. These intravenous (IV) injections contain lipolytic vitamins with fat reducing benefits, which can be undertaken by individuals who wish to speed up the process of cosmetic weight loss as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Furthermore, they're also popular amongst ‘gym bunnies’ who regularly engage in high-intensity workouts, as well as busy professionals looking to increase their energy and stamina.



Treatments can reduce the likelihood of developing other problems


Better quality and more regular sleep enhances daytime productivity levels


Higher self-confidence levels and the freedom to wear fashionable clothes


Approved treatments with a higher safety profile than conventional methods


An increase in energy levels improves endurance, stamina and willpower


No risk of post-surgical complications, such as scarring and infection



Although numerous non-surgical approaches are available for the treatment of fat, our non-surgical fat reduction methods focus on specific medications and technologies with proven track records. Explore our comprehensive menu of fat loss treatments at Age Reversal Clinic.


The Super Slimming Pen contains 3mgs of liraglutide, a GLP-1 receptor agonist and incretin, which is a type of hormone found naturally in the intestine. Similar to traditional weight loss medications, the Super Slimming Pen works to suppress the appetite, although the way in which it does so is quite different in comparison. Injections boost levels of incretin and replicate its activity in the body, a process termed as incretin mimetics. The result is an increase in insulin levels and a reduction in levels of glucagon, a hormone in the body which heightens the production of sugar and fatty acids. The most beneficial outcome for weight loss is a reduction in the speed of digestion, caused by the Super Slimming Pen's activity on brain receptors, meaning that individuals feel fuller for longer and feel more able to control what they eat.

The Super Slimming Pen is recommended for individuals with a BMI above 27. Due to its high liraglutide content, the Pen is contraindicated for individuals with diabetes and should not be used along with insulin. According to studies, it can help reduce body weight by up to 5% in three months (Prescription Weight-Loss Shot | (Liraglutide) Injection 3mg).


Aqualyx is a fat reducing injection that contains a special liquefying compound. It is commonly used for the purposes of non-surgical body recontouring and is administered gradually across a series of treatments. Deso Body and Deso Face are also lipolytic agents. Ideal candidates are healthy people with prominent pockets of fat on the face and body, with common treatment sites including the under chin or ‘double chin’ area, upper arms or ‘bingo wings’, stomach, flanks, thighs or ‘saddlebags’, and ankles. Aside from those with cosmetic concerns, individuals with medical conditions that cause localised fat hypertrophy can benefit from Aqualyx or Deso. Injections works by selectively dissolving fatty tissue at the site of injection before expelling it from the body via the lymphatic system. On account of its activity, it is possible for fat in treated areas to deplete permanently after a course of injections.


The Velashape II is a machine-based therapy that we use at our slimming clinic in London. It utilises special technology to reduce fatty tissue. Commonly used for the purposes of face and body slimming, this is a comfortable, relaxing and pain-free method of lipolysis that encourages fat cells to release their contents. It also promotes the growth of new collagen, making the overlying skin look younger and tighter. Usually, the procedure lasts no longer than 30 minutes, and results can even be visible after the first application. A course of treatments, with or without Aqualyx injections, is recommended for maximum benefits.


Intravenous (IV) therapy with pure, unadulterated vitamins is a powerful and energising method of lipolytic supplementation. Each of our treatments involves the administration of a vitamin cocktail, which forms the basis of our proprietary Super Vitamin Infusions. Adding specific vitamins, enzymes and minerals to injections have been shown to induce lipolysis, an observation based on the discovery that some vitamins and nutritional extracts have fat reducing properties. Principally, the most obvious benefits include greater energy levels and a reduction in tiredness, which make Super Vitamin Infusions an ideal auxiliary treatment choice for those undertaking regular exercise.



Body Measurements




Botox Injections


Super Slimming Pen
Aqualyx and Deso
Velashape II
Super Vitamin Infusions


The treatment of weight-related issues has come a long way, advancing at the rate of cosmetic weight-loss technologies. As evidenced in our slimming treatments gallery below*, the specialists at Age Reversal Clinic can help individuals get in shape and feel better in a relatively short period of time.

*Photos depict actual results achieved at Age Reversal Clinic. All rights reserved.


Explore the body shaping, aesthetics, and injectable treatments on offer at Age Reversal Clinic in Grove Park, London and Brentwood, Essex.

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